Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers Online Store

Welcome Fellow Adventurers! 

I'm  thrilled to share my new store with you!  Here, you'll have access to:

🕊MUSIC, where you can directly support my musical creations.   Collect  printed hardcopies of my albums in both CD and VINYL formats.  In some cases, you can even grab an autographed copy!

🕊 GATHER GEAR, for those who want to wear their support!  Keep watching as new gear pops up based on what you and fellow GATHERERS are asking for.

🕊ARTISAN GEAR , highlighting artifacts created by inspiring artists whom I meet while traveling. Currently, there is a Gatherers Prayer Symbol Wristband available, but I am working with a few artists to broaden this section.  Stay tuned ;) 

🕊 ABOUT THE MUSIC: "Hunt merges Appalachian-style fiddle chops with Texas twang, Indian ragas, gypsy jazz, unfamiliar time signatures and the free-spirited fun of a jam band leader. The resulting record, Shanti's Shadow, breathes new life into a genre that's sometimes so respectful of the past, it fails to push toward the future."

-Rolling Stone Country