"Send Out Your Love" Movie Placement!

Happy February!  

I am so excited to announce that a song I co-wrote with Connor Forsyth, “Send Out Your Love” has been placed in a movie!  I have not been made aware of an official release date for the film, but I just got word that I am finally allowed to share the info about the song placement!  I have been waiting and waiting.

Here’s the deal:  The movie is called Trading Paint, and it stars John Travolta and Shania Twain!  Check out the trailer HERE.

I really have no idea where the song will be placed, but I was told it is at a tender moment of a lead character. Sure hope they get it together and learn how to send out some love.  Apparently, Shania (as if I am on a first name basis) will be releasing a new song in conjunction with the movie, too. 

If you are reading this, or have ever read anything from me, you know how rare it is for me to do this, but I just wanted to spend a fangirl moment gushing about how I have admired Shania Twain and John Travolta for the majority of my life.  

The first REAL concert I ever went to was a Shania Twain concert at the Erwin Center in Austin, TX.  I was probably 13 years old, and I knew EVERY lyric to Come On Over.  I sang along to every song, and remember thinking how cool it was that her nails weren’t painted any color.  They had clear nail polish on them. Odd memory, I guess.  I also remember that the entire Austin High Marching Band played with her on a tune that night. I thought she was the coolest.  Still do. I have always loved her music because it has such an empowering, inspiring message for women, but her feminism isn’t in your face.  She embodies her femininity with a gentle, goddess-like energy. OK. So, I am a fan. I haven’t heard much new music from her in a while, so I am excited to see what her new song sounds like.  

As for John Travolta…  I don’t have to say much to explain how nutso it is to feel one degree removed from an icon like John Travolta.  I must say, though, that another formative memory is that of memorizing every lyric to Grease as a pre-teen. I mean EVERY LYRIC.  I could still sing along to the entire movie and might do just that this afternoon.  I may just have Grease watching party at my place just to celebrate this!  Ok, Gushing over.  

In honor of this movie placement, I have decided to have a SALE on
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10% off through Valentine’s Day in honor of “Send Out Your Love”.
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I just counted and there are only minimal amounts of bundles left, so grab em now before they are gone.  I honestly have no idea when I will do a reprint.  

Much love,


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