Gather Bundle              (All CD’s + Vinyl)

Gather Bundle (All CD’s + Vinyl)

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    Enjoy a complete package of the Phoebe Hunt Music Collection including vinyl!  Over the past 15 years, Phoebe has been a part of many musical projects, and all the while, she has been recording her original music.  Whether you are a new fan of her music, or have been collecting it for a long time, enjoy this complete package of her music.  Share it with your friends.  Offer it as a gift to someone who may enjoy this music. 
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    •  All CD’s + Vinyl Gather Bundle 
      • Shanti’s Shadow CD ($20 value)
      • Shanti’s Shadow Vinyl ($25 value)
      • Shanti’s Shadow Download Cards ($10 value)
      • Walk With Me CD ($15 value)
      • Live At The Cactus Cafe CD ($15 value)
      • Phoebe Hunt EP  ($10 value)